Canik TP9 Series Pistol Evolution - TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9SF Elite, and NEW TP9SFT

Canik TP9 Series Pistol Evolution – TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9SF Elite, and NEW TP9SFT

Jacob Herman from Century Arms joins Professor Paul in discussing the entire Canik TP9 Series Pistol line. You will learn about the origin of the pistol and

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Morning Mindset 032 - Serrated Blade Mythbusting

Morning Mindset 032 – Serrated Blade Mythbusting

“I’ll never buy a serrated blade knife, you can’t keep them sharp.” or “Serrated blades are nice but they get dull too fast.” Both of those are myths or…

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MM 031 - Absolutes Are Absolutely Wrong

Morning Mindset 031 – Absolutes are Absolutely Wrong!

Absolutes are Absolutely Wrong! For many people, guns are like a religion. To question someone’s choice of firearm is often viewed with the same offense as…

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Morning Mindset 024 – Go Bag Checklist: 13 Items You Should Include

Disasters, both natural and man-made, are good reasons to have a “Go Bag”. Often referred to as a “Bug Out Bag”, here is a Bug Out Bag Checklist for you…

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Morning Mindset 001 – Stop Buying New Guns

STOP buying new guns! Why, you might ask? Great question! Professor Paul discusses why buying new guns isn’t the best solution and what to do instead…

Debunking Hi-Point Firearms Haters

During this short and entertaining video, Professor Paul calls out the Hi-Point haters. Paul is tired of the gun community discouraging people from…

Special Operations Equipment Combat Cock Origin

Hey guys, we are in the official Special Operations Equipment Shop, yes there is an official SOE shop and I am sitting with John Willis, the HMFIC of SOE. Is that enough TLAs or FLAs for you. John is going to tell us the origins of the Combat Cock.

How to Prepare for Gun Camp

Going to gun camp? We encourage every gun owner to seek out professional training, not just one time, but often. Many of you may be traveling to a…

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