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My First Gun: 5 Simple Steps to Making your First Gun Purchase a Success

Picking your first gun can be a daunting task. By the time you reach the gun store counter you’ve likely been given more advice from friends and family…

Stop! Don't Shoot! Beware of Dangerous Targets

Tactical Masturbation: Top 3 Stupid Human Tricks

Though you may not have put a name on it, we have all witnessed tactical masturbation. Like the more traditional form of self-gratification, tactical…

Safety is Our #1 Goal Banner

Safety is Dangerous

“What is the most important thing on the range?” yelled the Navy Firearms Instructor to the group of young sailors amassed in front of him. “Safety!”…


3 Reasons Every Gunfighter Should Learn to Box

“I don’t need to know Karate, I know Ching-Ching.” (mimics racking the slide on a pistol) so said the man standing at the counter in a small gun store many years ago. In my younger days, I spent a great deal of time at gun shops and at gun shows. Sadly, most everyone one who frequented gun stores, at least in my experience, viewed themselves to be a gunfighter.


Voter Fraud: Who will Pick Up the Turd?

“There isn’t a need for you to wait in line anymore. Took care of it for you. Gave you a straight Democratic ticket.” said a North Carolina man via Facebook as he bragged about committing voter fraud.


Comrade Barry: Preserving His Legacy

Given this desire to focus on the legacy of Comrade Barry, we find it fitting to consider the condition of the United States of America and the world since January 2009…

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The Cigar and the Student

Let us consider for a moment the premium hand rolled cigar. For those unenlightened, neither the Black and Mild nor Swisher Sweet Cherry flavored tobacco products are “premium cigars”. A premium cigar is compose of numerous distinct parts.

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The Death of the Editor

Before the time of the Internet and self-proclaimed “gun enthusiasts”, we had this vetting process called an Editor. During the age of dead tree…

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Top 3 Reasons to Avoid Gun Clips

When I speak of gun clips I am referring to the spring-steel device mounted to a handgun in order to allow it to be “clipped” to clothing in some fashion…

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The MBV: the Donut that Could Save Your Life

Originally developed to be used in bloodless surgery on limbs, the Mechanical Blood Volumizer or MBV is a medical device that can be carried in a pack or kit and applied to victims of trauma at the base level.

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