5 Strategies That Could Save Your Life,
Pretty Simple

Tips from a Bodyguard

Professor Paul has worn many hats and badges throughout his life. Easily one of the biggest was during his time as a professional Bodyguard. It’s a tough and involved job, but if you hold the title for long enough, you’ll inevitably learn a thing or two. Paul served in the position for quite a while, and it’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about what he speaks.

How do you secure a room? What is a professional Bodyguard’s actual Job? What does it mean to really “Profile”? Questions like that are answered with great detail within the pages of this very book.

More Applicable than you Think

You may see this and think, “But I’m not a Bodyguard, I never will be a Bodyguard, so what’s the point?” The information in this book is not Just for Bodyguards and other security professionals. The info within these pages will help you in any situation where security or safety may be a concern.

Be it setting up for a concert, a church event, a big birthday party, or even just a day at your workplace. It’s important to know how to secure your location and how to identify potential threats. “Oh come on, don’t be paranoid” you jest, “What’s gonna happen at a Church Event or at my Office?” You don’t know… hence why this book exists.

Even if you truly, truly believe that you will never use any of the info in this book, it is still an interesting read. See the insight and knowledge of an aged professional at work, in practical application.

Topics Covered in This Include…

• Environmental Control

Disassembly and Basic maintenance

Being Unpredictable

The Importance of Vigilance

Travel Security


Making Your Own Luck

• Much More!

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