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Beretta M9 Threaded Barrel

Beretta M9 Threaded Barrel June 6 2017- Place order from Brownell’s for Silencerco threaded M9 Beretta replacement barrel. June 7 2017- Brownell’s sends confirmation email that order has shipped, provides tracking number. June 14 2017- 0900 Track package, FedEx says it was turned over to USPS and delivered to  Michigan. I don’t live in Michigan, so there is a problem. 1030…

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.22 Nosler converted AR in the field

.22 Nosler Cartridge

Professor Paul takes the time to tell you good folks about the .22 Nosler Cartridge & how he used it in the field. If you’re a hunter, you wanna read this…

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Wilderness Survival Pt. 7: Mindset, Keep Your Head

Wilderness Survival Pt. 7: Mindset, Keep Your Head

Whether you live or die as a result of a wilderness survival situation is completely dependent upon your mindset. Are you willing to do anything and…

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Author zeros the BSO 1-4x24 riflescope

Black Spider Optics 1-4×24 Riflescope

The new Black Spider Optics variable power riflescope is field tested and reviewed by Paul Markel, host of Student of the Gun.

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Wilderness Survival Pt. 6: Field Craft and Repairs

Wilderness Survival Pt. 6: Field Craft and Repairs

Not every problem you encounter in the field or woods is a matter of life and death. Some issues are simply annoying and bothersome. Take, for instance…

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Angel Dudley accepts Certificate from Professor Paul After Completing the Beyond the Band Aid Course

A Student of the Gun Saves Man’s Life

A student of the gun saved a man’s life after he severed an artery in his arm. Angel Dudley of Greenfield, Indiana, took the “Beyond the Band Aid” traumatic medicine class from SOTG University in 2016 and put the training to use to stop gap a life-threatening injury.

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Student of the Gun Moves to Wyoming - Paul and Jarrad on the 1000 yard range

Student of the Gun Moves to Wyoming

Student of the Gun media enterprises has moved to Wyoming. The entire SOTG crew relocated to Saratoga, Wyoming the first week of April 2017. All SOTG Radio and Television material will be produced from their new headquarters nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

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Humping Makes You Hard

Patch Drop: Humping Makes You Hard Patches Available for Pre-Order

Every true Marine Corps infantryman understands the purpose of humping. Professor Paul was humping around the world when most of you were in diapers and…

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Patriot Fire Team Manual 100 Days Best Seller

Patriot Fire Team Manual 100 Days on Best Seller List

Biloxi, Mississippi–( Paul Markel and the Student of the Gun crew celebrated a landmark for the Patriot Fire Team Manual; 100 days on the Amazon Kindle Best Seller list. Releases in the 4th Quarter of 2016, the Patriot Fire Team Manual has consistently remained on best seller lists for both Amazon paperback and Kindle in the “Civics” category. “It is an…

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Listen to Student of the Gun Radio on YouTube

Listen to Student of the Gun Radio on YouTube

Furthering their goal to make Student of the Gun Radio available to everyone in the world, SOTG is now releasing daily episodes via YouTube. Now…

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Debunking Hi-Point Haters

Debunking Hi-Point Firearms Haters

During this short and entertaining video, Professor Paul calls out the Hi-Point haters. Paul is tired of the gun community discouraging people from…

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Special Operations Equipment Combat Cock Origin

Special Operations Equipment Combat Cock Origin

Hey guys, we are in the official Special Operations Equipment Shop, yes there is an official SOE shop and I am sitting with John Willis, the HMFIC of SOE. Is that enough TLAs or FLAs for you. John is going to tell us the origins of the Combat Cock.

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Fitness Talk with Dr. Dan of SWAT Fuel

Paul sat down with Dr. Dan Olesnicky of SWAT Fuel to discuss nutrition, fitness, and overall health. Take a moment and listen.

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Insider Information about Original S.O.E. Gear from John Willis and Ben "Mookie" Thomas Part 3

Original S.O.E Gear Story Time With John Willis and Ben “Mookie” Thomas Pt. 3

This is part 3 of the John and Mookie series. John tells how he met James Yeager and Mookie decided to set a price point on the Mookie War Yarmulke.

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Original S.O.E Gear Story Time With John Willis and Ben “Mookie” Thomas Pt. 2

John Willis and Ben “Mookie” Thomas sit down and talk about the history behind some of the gear SOE has made. Comedy and education in one video. How awesome is that?

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Morning Mindset 033 – Are you playing at self defense?

Are you playing at self defense?

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Morning Mindset 032 - Serrated Blade Mythbusting

Morning Mindset 032 – Serrated Blade Mythbusting

“I’ll never buy a serrated blade knife, you can’t keep them sharp.” or “Serrated blades are nice but they get dull too fast.” Both of those are myths or…

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MM 031 - Absolutes Are Absolutely Wrong

Morning Mindset 031 – Absolutes are Absolutely Wrong!

Absolutes are Absolutely Wrong! For many people, guns are like a religion. To question someone’s choice of firearm is often viewed with the same offense as…

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Morning Mindset 024 – Go Bag Checklist: 13 Items You Should Include

Disasters, both natural and man-made, are good reasons to have a “Go Bag”. Often referred to as a “Bug Out Bag”, here is a Bug Out Bag Checklist for you…

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Morning Mindset 001 – Stop Buying New Guns

STOP buying new guns! Why, you might ask? Great question! Professor Paul discusses why buying new guns isn’t the best solution and what to do instead…

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