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Censorship: YouTube Censors Creators

YouTube Censorship Affects Student of the Gun

YouTube, a Google subsidiary, is continuing its campaign of random censorship of conservative content creators. On September 15, 2017, YouTube removed …

Student of the Gun Closes Grad Program Enrollment, Launches New Platform

Student of the Gun Closes Grad Program Enrollment, Launches New Platform

On September 1st, Student of the Gun temporarily closed enrollment to the SOTG Grad Program. For the time being, no new members will be able to enter the…

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Silencer Shop Provides Enhancements to ATF NFA Processing

Silencer Shop, through collaboration with Gemtech, and Dead Air Silencers, has partnered with the ATF in the development and implementation of a brand…

Just a small part of the SOTG Fresh Start Giveaway

[WINNER] Student of the Gun Announces Fresh Start Giveaway Winner

The entire Student of the Gun crew are pleased to announce that Steven Walleck of Port Lavaca, Texas is the winner of the SOTG Fresh Start Giveaway contest.

Angel Dudley accepts Certificate from Professor Paul After Completing the Beyond the Band Aid Course

A Student of the Gun Saves Man’s Life

A student of the gun saved a man’s life after he severed an artery in his arm. Angel Dudley of Greenfield, Indiana, took the “Beyond the Band Aid” traumatic medicine class from SOTG University in 2016 and put the training to use to stop gap a life-threatening injury.


Mediocrity: How to Fail and Feel Good About It

Mediocrity: How to Fail and Feel Good About It

Rather than be satisfied with their personal mediocrity and ‘C’ student standing, anonymous contributors take to the Internet forums and comment sections…

Go Fast Gun Pic 1

[Flash Report] Go Fast Guns

Professor Paul got a new toy recently, the Echo II trigger system from Fostech Outdoors, and he’s played with it a bit. Now he’s here to tell you about…

Police Trade in G22

[Flash Report] Springtime for Glock

Professor Paul takes the time to talk about Glock, S&W, and police trade in guns. Very good information for you handgun guys out there…


[Flash Report] Everyday is Leg Day

Fight Strong January 2017   Attend “Fight Strong” class at Tactical Response, Camden Tennessee, Met Matt Reynolds for the first time. Learn proper form for barbell lifts and exercises. July 2017   Sit down and evaluate results of the Starting Strength program as taught by Matt Reynolds during the previous January. Summary: Author’s Note: I have coached and taught a number of…

3 Dot Sights, the LCD Solution

[Flash Report] 3 Dot Sights Suck, and Everyone Wants Them

Professor Paul has stated in the past that is is Not a fan of 3 Dot sight rigs, and people have asked him Why? So he has decided to write a report on the…


Debunking Hi-Point Haters

Debunking Hi-Point Firearms Haters

During this short and entertaining video, Professor Paul calls out the Hi-Point haters. Paul is tired of the gun community discouraging people from…

Special Operations Equipment Combat Cock Origin

Special Operations Equipment Combat Cock Origin

Hey guys, we are in the official Special Operations Equipment Shop, yes there is an official SOE shop and I am sitting with John Willis, the HMFIC of SOE. Is that enough TLAs or FLAs for you. John is going to tell us the origins of the Combat Cock.


Fitness Talk with Dr. Dan of SWAT Fuel

Paul sat down with Dr. Dan Olesnicky of SWAT Fuel to discuss nutrition, fitness, and overall health. Take a moment and listen.

Insider Information about Original S.O.E. Gear from John Willis and Ben "Mookie" Thomas Part 3

Original S.O.E Gear Story Time With John Willis and Ben “Mookie” Thomas Pt. 3

This is part 3 of the John and Mookie series. John tells how he met James Yeager and Mookie decided to set a price point on the Mookie War Yarmulke.


Original S.O.E Gear Story Time With John Willis and Ben “Mookie” Thomas Pt. 2

John Willis and Ben “Mookie” Thomas sit down and talk about the history behind some of the gear SOE has made. Comedy and education in one video. How awesome is that?



Morning Mindset 033 – Are you playing at self defense?

Are you playing at self defense?

Morning Mindset 032 - Serrated Blade Mythbusting

Morning Mindset 032 – Serrated Blade Mythbusting

“I’ll never buy a serrated blade knife, you can’t keep them sharp.” or “Serrated blades are nice but they get dull too fast.” Both of those are myths or…

MM 031 - Absolutes Are Absolutely Wrong

Morning Mindset 031 – Absolutes are Absolutely Wrong!

Absolutes are Absolutely Wrong! For many people, guns are like a religion. To question someone’s choice of firearm is often viewed with the same offense as…

Morning Mindset 024 – Go Bag Checklist: 13 Items You Should Include

Disasters, both natural and man-made, are good reasons to have a “Go Bag”. Often referred to as a “Bug Out Bag”, here is a Bug Out Bag Checklist for you…

Morning Mindset 001 – Stop Buying New Guns

STOP buying new guns! Why, you might ask? Great question! Professor Paul discusses why buying new guns isn’t the best solution and what to do instead…

Most Recent SOTG Radio Episodes:

SOTG 674 – Two Types of Freedom & Shotguns for Home Defense

Americans love to throw around the term “freedom”. However, if we are honest and examine their motives, freedom does not means the same thing to everyone who is demanding it. Professor Paul considers this phenomenon in great detail. Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about using a shotgun for home defense. Specifically, our caller want to…

SOTG 673 – Summer Soldiers, Sunshine Patriots, and Comfortable Slaves

Thomas Paine understood the issue and he warned us that summer soldiers and sunshine patriots fail when times got tough. Today we see the summer soldiers of the shooting sport community folding like houses of cards and looking for ways to seem “reasonable”. During our SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, we are going to get a bit deep. Before we…

SOTG 672 – Traumatic Medical Training: Are You Ready Yet?

Student of the Gun has been promoting traumatic medical training for all citizens for many years. In the aftermath of the Las Vegas attack, traumatic medical training is once again a topic of discussion. What we want to know is, are you ready to get the training yet, or do you still have an excuse not to? During the Fighting…

SOTG 669 – Civil War Preparation

Liberals, socialists, and communists across the nation are calling for a civil war. We relate in their own words when and where the Anti-American…


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