[Listen Louder | SOTG Radio] Gun Control on Display and Dead for Plastic

[Listen Louder | SOTG Radio] Gun Control on Display and Dead for Plastic

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Saratoga, WY | Student of the Gun HQ- People in Brazil are finally fed up with being the Murder Capitol and are asking for a change in their gun control policy, andIs it okay for the police to kill you for owning a prohibited piece of plastic? Also this week: the professor talks about less-than-lethal everyday carry options; guns are being banned because they “look scary”; is it more important to have a second gun or more ammunition; Jarrad discusses the ever challenging meal planning and preparation; to control the people, you have to destroy the church and the family… China is starting with the church.

All that and more on this week’s installment of Student Of The Gun Radio, Listen Louder!

SOTG 738 - The World’s Murder Capital: Gun Control on Display

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Ep. 738 – The World’s Murder Capital: Gun Control on Display

What happens when you disarm the people? You become the Murder Capital of the World. Despite strict prohibitions against owning and carrying firearms, Brazil is the world’s Murder Capital. The people are fed up and asking for a change.

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about less-than-lethal alternatives for everyday carry. Professor Paul is happy to consider the subject.

Also, during this week’s Quiet Time from Silencershop.com, we have a suggestion for using a common mobile phone app as an instrument of liberty. To secure liberty you need the information and the proper mindset. We have suggestions for you.


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SOTG 739 - Guns are Supposed to Look Scary

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Ep. 739 – Guns are Supposed to Look Scary

To listen to the liberal fascists and Democrats, all scary looking guns should be outlawed. Why? Because they simply look too scary. That seems to be the logic behind gun bans in California, Maryland, New York, and now Illinois.  Ban guns that look scary.

For this week’s Brownell’s Bullet Points segment, we are going to discuss magazines for firearms. When should you replace them? Which magazines are the most sturdy? What should you do with a bad mag?

Also, during our weekly SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, we continue with our discussion of being dangerous on demand. Which is more important for the armed citizen; a second gun or more ammunition for a primary gun?

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SOTG 739 Pt. 2 - Dead for Plastic

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Ep. 739 Pt. 2 – Dead for Plastic

Is it okay for the police to kill you for owning a prohibited piece of plastic? Do you think your friends and neighbors should be killed because the state passed a new law forbidding an inanimate object?  There are people in the United States you would answer “yes” to both questions.

During our SWAT Fuel Fighting Fitness segment, Jarrad discusses meal planning and preparation for those who work long hours and weird schedules. Professor Paul will talk about trusting your programming.

An Air Force base in the United States was a victim of a terrorist attack last week. Where was the U.S. news media?

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SOTG 739 Pt. 3 - Destroy the Family, Destroy the Church

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Ep. 739 Pt. 3 – Destroy the Family, Destroy the Church

For the State to have ultimate control over the lives the people, two institutions must be marginalized and then destroyed; the church and the family. Though you likely have not been told, the Chinese Communist Party has been ramping up their persecution of Christians. Tune in to hear about their latest attack.

What happens when you allow politicians to become part of an elite ruling class, with lifetime appointments? We have the perfect example of an out of touch Washington D.C. elitist.

Should only police officers have guns? That’s what we are told. What happens when police officers decide that guns laws don’t apply to them? Listen louder.

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In addition to all that great content, please go check out the Professor’s Newest Aural Endeavor, Morning Mindset with Paul G. Markel!

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