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Saratoga, WY | Student of the Gun HQ-  This week on Student of the Gun Radio we talked a lot about Gun Bans. In one case the incoming Virginia Governor is attempting to put a Ban on private gun sales. Meanwhile, in New England, they are demanding that the citizens turn their property in to the state. Furthermore, on the Grad Programs, we talked about short barreled rifles and their accuracy, training while travelling. Last, we covered this whole New California debacle.

All that and more on this week’s installment of Student Of The Gun Radio, Listen Louder!

SOTG 720 - Incoming Virginia Governor to Ban Private Gun Sales

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Ep. 720 – Incoming Virginia Governor to Ban Private Gun Sales

How does the incoming Virginia Governor plan to ban private gun sales? More importantly, what the hell is going one in the home of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?

Also, our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about the Use of Force Continuum. What does it mean and how does it apply to personal self-defense. Professor Paul is happy to answer that question in detail.

During our Quiet Time Moment from, we consider the value of blocking out some quiet time for yourself. Seems like many of our friends in the east and south are experiencing unexpected at home time. Make the most of it.

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SOTG 721 - More Gun Bans: Time to Get back in Line

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Ep. 721 – More Gun Bans: Time to Get back in Line

We have more gun bans coming in the many Slave States of New England. Tax slaves are being ordered to surrender their once lawfully owned property or face fines and jail time. Looks like it is time to get back in line to surrender what little liberty you had left.

During our Brownells Bullet Points segment, Paul reminds you to pay close attention to SOTG Facebook and Instragram for updates from the floor of the SHOT Show. Many of our friends have new products to offer.

Also, for this week’s SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, Professor Paul and Jarrad consider the idea of being dangerous on demand, even when tucked snugly into your bed. Where should your gun be? And, should it have a light on it? Listen louder.

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SOTG 721 Pt 2 - Short Barreled Rifles and Pistols & Training While Traveling

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Ep. 721 Pt. 2 – Short Barreled Rifles and Pistols & Training While Traveling

Are short barreled rifles or rifle caliber pistols practical or are they merely cool range toys? The topic of rifle caliber pistols and other “firearms” with short barrels has come up again. Some folks feel that they have no practical application. What has been the experience of our staff?

During our Fighting Fitness segment from SWAT Fuel, Jarrad will offer some detailed and thoughtful advice regarding strength training when you are on the road and traveling. You can continue starting strength and travel.

What new rules and regulations do the socialists in Canada have in store? Well, you might want to think twice before attempting to bring a pocket knife into the Great White North. Also, the Washington State AG has plans to further restrict the liberties of the citizens of that state.

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SOTG 721 Pt. 3 - New California Republic, Fantasy or Reality?

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Ep. 721 Pt. 3 – New California Republic, Fantasy or Reality?

A New California Republic? Many residents of the productive rural counties of California are pushing for a new, independent state. After all, the precedent was set with West Virginia. Will the slave masters in Sacramento allow it? Will the people of the rural counties have the fortitude to carry on?

Also, we will have a bit of fun at the expense of idiots. Many idiots have outed themselves and removed all doubt by leaving messages on the Spike’s Tactical voicemail. Fear not, we have motivational music for you as well.

What would you say to a man who say the U.S. Constitution is outdated and needs to be changed? What if a person told you that a gun or baseball bat was not as dangerous as a gun? We have some helpful suggestions that might allow you to educate the ignorant.

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In addition to all that great content, please go check out the Professor’s Newest Aural Endeavor, Morning Mindset with Paul G. Markel!

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