Excrement: the perfect victim.

Excrement: the perfect victim.

(*CAUTION: Those with an inability to be intellectually honest or who have been infected with cognitive dissonance may not be able to handle that which is written below. You have been warned.)

First and foremost, this horrific criminal act was committed by a deranged piece of human filth. The creature was a verminous reprobate who does not deserve nor will he receive name recognition here. The subject, we’ll call him “Excrement”, premeditated the attack and was apparently consumed with anger, self-pity, and fully immersed in the victim culture. Excrement went so far as to write a rambling manifesto of sorts, detailing his angst and feeling of victimization.

Within 24 hours the entire nation, at least those who cared to know, had enough information to understand that this premeditated act of murder was neither random nor was it “hot blooded” or a “crime of passion.” It was a cold and deliberate act of malice.

Despite all the facts, we have treated to non-stop diversionary tactics and bald-faced media propaganda. Before any investigation could be conducted, while the blood was still wet on the ground and the bodies of the victims still warm, the White House spokes-puppet took to the microphones. Did Barry’s minion decry the act of a monster? No, the message was we need more reasonable gun control.

Like the good little lemmings they are, media pundits and progressive politicians fell in line to call for more “gun control,” all the while barely even acknowledging Excrement and his heinous act. It was as though Excrement was sitting in his living room watching “The Real Housewives” and the gun walked over, sat down on the velvet sofa and said; ‘Hey man you look pretty today, let’s go kill some folks.’

You have to search hard to find the details of Excrement’s long history of self-appointed victimization and his life of angst-ridden “poor me” behavior. Never once did Excrement take responsibility for his own failings and shortcomings, it was always someone else’s fault. He was perpetual victim, a perfect victim, if you will.

The reaction of the progressive statists has been all too predictable. Ignore the human monster responsible for the act and blame the inanimate object. If only there were more reasonable gun control laws they bemoan. Never one time do any of them ask, why has the nationwide prohibition against murder failed? Not once will the statists admit that malum prohibitum laws do nothing to hinder those with evil intent.

If there is a useful takeaway or lesson to be learned from this vicious criminal act, it is this; the Victim State produces vile and verminous monsters like our boy, Excrement. When you fully embrace victimization you abdicate all responsibility for your own actions. Nothing is your fault. Every action you take can be excused by your victim status. As we have seen it played out on a national stage, when you don the clothes of the perfect victim, your sick and twisted mind can justify anything, even the murder of innocent people.

Finally, what is most insidious and should trouble you more than all else in the fact that those who should be rejecting the mindset and actions of Excrement are not. Instead, we see a full blown diversionary campaign, a plan to deflect the blame from the black, gay, Obama supporter and instead to blame and inanimate object and by extension the millions of people who own these objects and do no harm.

How do you convince an armed populace to willingly disarm itself and surrender to the will of the state? The program has three parts; Ignorance, Distraction, and Guilt (IDG). Each and every time you are pummeled over the head by a news story run it through the IDG Filter. It is amazing how transparent the statists can be and how sad it is at the same time that so many fall for the trap.

Reject victimization in all forms and everywhere it is offered. Be aware that the victimization campaign is real and as dangerous to this nation as a river of cyanide. Be bold, be aware and be armed everywhere you go.

Evil exists. No amount of laws or prohibitions can eliminate evil. You can either choose to be prepared to deal with evil or you can cower before evil when it arrives. The choice is up to you. However, know this, unchecked evil simply guarantees more of the same.

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