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Last Week on Student of the Gun: The American Dream & Bianchi Cup 2014


The Student of the Gun crew hit the road to the “Show Me” state for a visit with our friends at Crossbreed Holsters of Republic, Missouri. Matt Craighead, special projects designer, introduced us to a unique concealed carry product that will be of particular interest to women and some men.

Turning north, we headed up to the city of Columbia, MO to attend the NRA Bianchi Cup National Championship. The Cup is an International shooting event held each year that attracts hundreds of competitors from the United States and abroad. Teams from New Zealand, Australia, Germany and even Barbados were in attendance.

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Colt LE901, .300 Blackout Handi-Rifle, SHOT 2013

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Storm Preparation & One Box Workout for Rifles
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Silent but Deadly and AR-15 Bump Fire Stocks
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Introduction: What is Student of the Gun 3.0?

SOTG Episode 2Thumbnail 2
DefendAR-15 "BumpSki Stock", S&W M&P22



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