Get a Workout with your Gun

One Box is More than Enough


You gotta practice with your firearm, whether you’re using it for defensive purposes, hunting, whatever. Most people know and understand this, but what’s the biggest deterrent? The Price of Ammo. However with this One Box Workout, you can learn how to make the absolute MOST of a single box of ammunition.


Whether it’s a handgun, rifle, carbine, whatever your firearm of choice is. You can take a single box of ammo and turn that into a whole training session. With just 50 bullets (on average) you can steadily improve and maintain your skills

The Original Practical & Cost Efficient Training Regiment


After that mouthful… you may have seen impersonators and impostors, but the One Box Workout is the Original. Accept no substitutes from YouTubers or Self-Proclaimed Gun Gurus, take it from The Professor. They can try their best to replicate and impersonate, but they can’t quite duplicate the knowledge and practices in this video course.


Speaking from many years of experience, as a Marine, Military Contractor, Policeman, and Professional Firearms Instructor, Professor Paul knows a lot about how to properly and effectively stretch a box of ammunition. Not just to save money, but to save valuable time as well. Furthermore Paul has spent not just his professional career, but also his personal time to refine and improve this here course.

Some of the best Practice you’ll Get


While extremely practical useful, the One Box Workout is not a full Training seminar. The O.B.W. is made to help you practice, hone your basics and keep a grip on your skills, it is not a substitution for proper training. This is great for improving your skills and learning the base level functionality, however if you don’t know how to hold and properly load your firearm, you may need to seek out a proper training class.


But the best part about this class, is that since it is a Digital Download, you can take it anywhere. Put it on your phone or laptop, take it to the range with you can get your instructions right there on the line! Have the Professor’s knowledge and teachings there for you, as you do them. Now how convenient is that?

Topics Covered in This Course Include…

The 5 Steps to Guarantee Success During Every Handgun Range Session

The ideal distance to place your targets

How-to make the most of your practice time & ammunition

The Definition of Training & Practice

5 Steps to Guarantee Success During Every Rifle Range Session

• Much More!

Learn to Save Time & Money on your Training Now!