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After a long fight, the General Assembly of Ohio, the House, and Senate have overridden the veto of Republican In Name Only (RINO) Governor Kasich. Kasich had vetoed HB 228, a bill filled with provisions to protect firearm’s rights in the state.

During our Brownells Bullet Point segment, we will consider our emergency food plan and address the pathetic situation we are witnessing in the United States Also, Brownells is now carrying their own brand of Black Rifle Coffee.

For this week’s SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, Paul addresses a question from our public group. How should you configure and adjustable IWB holsters and how deep should it ride in your pants?

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From www.buckeyefirearms.org:

In a historic action, the Ohio General Assembly has overridden Governor Kasich’s ill-advised veto of H.B. 228. The House override was on a 67 to 22 vote. The Ohio Senate override was on a 21 to 11 vote.

Even though John Kasich used all his political power and even used political gamesmanship, he could not stop the legislature from doing the their job, and executing the will of the Ohio people.

The law contains many powerful improvements for Ohio’s 4 million gun owners. Here are a few:

  • Shifts the burden of proof back to the prosecutor so that you are innocent until proven guilty. Ohio is the only state in the U.S. that makes gun owners guilty until proven innocent in matters of self defense.
  • Strengthens “preemption” provisions in Ohio law that prevent local governments from passing their own gun laws.
  • Aligns the definition of “shotgun” to mirror Federal law to end the confusion about the Mossberg Shockwave and similar firearms that are currently legal under federal law but illegal under Ohio state law.
  • Eliminates the requirement to post no-gun signs in locations which have authorized the carrying of firearms.
  • Puts teeth into the law so that authorities can prosecute criminals who make “straw” purchases for felons.

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