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Is the United States of America a nation of sheep? How do you become a sheep? Or better yet, how you prevent yourself from running right along with the sheep of America?

During our Quiet Time Moment from SilencerShop.com, Professor Paul has another piece of recommended reading for you. The book in question is decades old, and yet it has relevance to the world of today. Also, we will discuss the three steps you can take to defeat the ignorance, distraction, and guilt trap.

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  • Quiet Time brought to you by Silencer Shop: Recommended Reading: A Nation of Sheep by William J. Lederer
  • How do we avoid being a nation of sheep? Education, Training, Experience. Get out of your comfortable pond. Leave the city and experience the world, train somewhere you have never been. Question what you are told with a thoughtful, educated mind.
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From www.amazon.com:

It’s no longer safe to remain ignorant of what goes on in the world. We should question what we believe and what we’re told. Only an informed populace can lead to good national policy. Compare what William Lederer said to the way we live today.

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From en.wikipedia.org:

He was a US Naval Academy graduate in 1936. His first appointment was as the junior officer of the USS Tutuila, a river gunboat on the Yangtze River.

His best selling work, 1958’s The Ugly American, was one of several novels co-written with Eugene Burdick. Disillusioned with the style and substance of America’s diplomatic efforts in Southeast Asia, Lederer and Burdick openly sought to demonstrate their belief that American officials and civilians could make a substantial difference in Southeast Asian politics if they were willing to learn local languages, follow local customs and employ regional military tactics.

Yet, if American policy makers continued to ignore the logic behind these lessons, Southeast Asia would fall under Soviet or Chinese Communist influence. The book’s epilogue argues for the creation of “a small force of well-trained, well-chosen, hard-working and dedicated professionals” fluent in the local language ? not unlike the Peace Corps, which John F. Kennedy proposed in 1960.

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