Most listeners probably carry EDC medical gear and that is a good that is a very good thing. However, what can you do to spread the responsibility around? How can you convince others to be prepared

During our Quiet Time Moment from, Professor Paul will review your homework assignment. Everyone was supposed to read the books 1984 and Brave New World. Did you complete your assignment?

The Shipping Ogre has something special planned for Paul’s birthday. The Professor is getting older and you are the ones who will get a present. Be sure to listen louder.

Topics Covered During This Episode:

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    • TOPIC: From Brian Stock-  What are some ways I could convince my loved ones to carry a basic trauma kit? Side note: my family loves the idea and appreciates the fact that I carry an IFAK. That being said I’m having a hard time convincing my loved ones that they should be armed and ready with medical equipment.
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  • Quiet Time
    • TOPIC:  Homework Follow up: 1984  and Brave New World
    • Why did Winston need to love Big Brother?
    • What is Soma?



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Professor Paul Markel needs your help. He was diagnosed with Cancer. Cystic Squamous Cell Carcinoma. He uprooted his home and business, moved to Salt Lake City, and is starting treatment soon.

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