SOTG 695 - Gun Control 2017: Are you Ready to Surrender?

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The usual suspect are pushing to expand government authority through more gun control. The latest gun control bill would expand the Federal Government and give wide-sweeping authority to Washington bureaucracies. Are you ready to surrender your liberty for a false sense of security?

Also, during our weekly Quiet Time from, Paul has required reading for you. You cannot defend rights that you do not understand. Where do rights come from? If there a difference between rights and privileges?

Topics Covered During This Episode:

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  • Quiet Time brought to you by Silencer Shop: Holy Grail of SOTG – Political Thought of the American Revolution by Clinton Rossiter and Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg
  • Civilians Disarmament Bill are you ready to surrender?  – Bipartisan deal on gun control unveiled
  • Will Gun Control politicians demand that the new law apply to members of the state?



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A bipartisan group of senators Thursday unveiled legislation to improve background-checks for gun sales, a narrow measure that attempts to address the recent spate of mass shootings.

The bill represents an incremental update to existing law but has the best chance of any effort to pass through Congress in recent years, with the weight of support from senior Senate Republicans behind it and no public opposition from the gun lobby.

The bill, crafted by Sens. John Cornyn, R.-Texas, and Chris Murphy, D-Conn., would attempt to better enforce current law and strengthen the National Instant Criminal Background Check system to ensure all background check information is uploaded.

According to a description of the bill, first obtained by NBC News, the “Fix NICS Act” offers a handful of solutions to help get all the necessary records uploaded, including asking federal agencies and states to produce plans to upload and verify the criminal and mental health records necessary to bar unfit purchasers from buying a weapon.

Because the federal government can’t force states to comply with uploading requirements, it creates incentives like grants for states to do so. It also adds accountability measures like withholding political appointees bonuses for agencies that fail to do so. The bill also directs federal funds to ensure that domestic violence crimes are added to the background-check system.

This is the third attempt to fix the background-check reporting system since 1995. The NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 provided millions to encourage the states to improve their data sharing. That was preceded by The National Criminal History Improvement Program, the first effort to give the states an incentive to report more records.

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