We already know that the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution does not apply to tax slaves in California. How about the 1st Amendment, does it still protect you in the PRK (People’s Republic of Kalifornia)?

During this week’s Brownell’s Bullet Points guns and gear segment, the Professor is going to talk about tools. What tool or tools should every gun owner have in their kit bag?

Also, we have an SOTG Homeroom for you from Crossbreed Holsters. How long should it take to break in a new holster?

Topics Covered During This Episode:

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From www.lifesitenews.com:

ORANGE COUNTY, California, April 19, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – California is about to implement new abortion- and homosexualty-promoting sex education lessons, and one school district has told parents they have no choice but to expose their children to them.

California enacted the California Healthy Youth Act in 2015, but only now are its controversial provisions starting to take effect in classrooms. Under the auspices of health, the law says it will equip students to develop “healthy attitudes” on “gender [and] sexual orientation,” among other things. It also says it will inform students about the “effectiveness and safety of all FDA-approved contraceptive methods,” and facilitate “objective discussion” about “parenting, adoption, and abortion.”

RedState contributor Kira Davis, a resident of Orange County, California, warns that among the teaching materials approved for use under this law are a study guide for the transgender children’s book I Am Jazz, as well as a “sexual health toolkit.”

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From www.louderwithcrowder.com:

APRIL 18 2018 – Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party are famous for many things. Among them, the slaughter of innocent Jews, gun reform, public school systems, and Adolf’s foray into triggering choices in facial hair. But Hitler also liked to warm his hands over the flames of burning books. The only knowledge Hitler and his brown-shirted minions wanted the people to have had to be cleared by the government first. Gotta protect the people from scary books containing knowledge, facts, stories, and the dreaded verboten opinions of others. Which is my segue into this story: California leftists want to ban the sale of certain books. Specifically, books which run counter to the LGBT narrative.

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