An armed citizen stopped the attempted kidnapping of a little girl near her school. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the national news media to congratulate him or acknowledge that sometimes guns are the answer.

During our Brownell’s Bullet Points segment, Professor Paul will address a question from our public group. How does a new shooter address the differences between eye dominance and hand dominance?

We have a multi-part question from the group. How often should you clean a silencer? Should you fire a silencer “wet”? Are there preferred oils or lubrication for suppressors? Be sure to listen louder every week.

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Police need your help finding a man who they say tried to kidnap an 11-year-old girl while she was walking to school.

A lot of parents say they are definitely keeping a closer eye on their kids after a girl reports she was almost kidnapped at Village Meadows Elementary School. The school sent out a letter saying this incident is a reminder about the importance of talking to children about what to do if a stranger approaches them, which is displayed below.

According to Sgt. Tommy Thompson with Phoenix police, the suspect approached the girl from behind, grabbed her arm and pulled it behind her back and put his arm over her face while she was walking to school near 19th Avenue and Bell Road on April 3.

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