Fire Extinguisher Gun - Beware

The Fire Extinguisher Gun: Ready When You Need It

"What gun should I get to keep in the house?" I've heard that question a hundred times or more during the last couple of decades. When your friends and co-workers find out you are a 'gun guy' you become the de facto expert on guns. Having been a Marine, Police...
The WASR rifle in full recoil with the RAZR muzzle brake installed.

The Other Black Rifle: Accessorize Your AK

"One size fits all" was once considered the perfect solution for manufacturers who wanted to minimize their number of SKUs (Shop Keeper Units). Rather than stock numerous varieties of a product, you come up with a happy medium or "one size fits all". If you consider...

How to Survive your CCW Class Without Being Shot

The question we should ask is, what can we or should we as members of the gun culture do differently in the aftermath of such an incident? Or, are we the clinical definition of insane, doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome?

Fighting Guns: Tools not Trophies

Every firearms instructor worth their salt will tell you that when it comes to choosing a defensive handgun, or any firearm for that matter, that function is the number one consideration. That advice is really is a no-brainer or a truism. We give constant lip service...

Gun Owners for Obama, the “Responsible” People are Speaking Up

"I'm a gun owner from Virginia and I thank President Obama for standing up to the NRA and standing with responsible Americans." -Scott, Virginia   (*Editors Note: the following was originally published in 2014 but the topic is once again very timely) As lawful...


I was in elementary school when America was in love with disco music, Reggie Jackson, and mood rings. Looking back, it was a great time to be a kid.

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Stronger Bodies, Sharper Minds; SWAT Fuel

For me, SWAT Fuel products were the supplements that I needed. I had tried powder mixes, liquids and pills from other companies and, while I really wanted them to work, I never was able to realize any true benefit. I suppose that’s why I drug my feet with SWAT Fuel.

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Confessions of a .40 (Cal) Lover

I felt like Ralphie must have when he got the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. I was proud of my gun and I was not shy about telling folks about it. It was beautiful. I opened the black plastic container and there it was, a Glock 23 chambered in .40 Smith&Wesson. (Glock...

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Liberty is Light

Basic Science Even those who went to public school during the last twenty years should understand that light, both visible and invisible, is a product of positive energy. Human beings learned how to make light when they unlocked the mystery of fire. Fire is a positive...

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Breaking: BATFE set to Expand NFA 1934

Light-weight guns are much easier for criminals to carry concealed on their bodies and lighter guns translate to terrorists being able to carry more ammunition for the same weight. Not to mention the fact that plastic and aluminum is used to defeat metal detectors.

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Professor Paul’s Tactical Chili; Eat It

Begin by browning the ground beef in a large skillet. (If you are using venison instead of ground beef, consider adding small package of ground pork sausage, original flavor. You won’t regret the sausage choice and it will keep the haj away

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Call to Action: Stand Up for the Marine Corps

The Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, an Obama appointee with ties to the Clinton presidency has decided the time to screw with the Marine Corps is now.  A January 1, 2016 memo from Mabus to Commandant of the Marine Corps Robert Neller instructed the Corps to begin...

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President Hillary Clinton signs Assault Weapons Ban of 2015

After placing her signature on the historic document, Pres. Rodham Clinton said “I am proud to put my name this most important of laws. We took what my dear departed husband started when he signed the 1994 Crime Bill and expanded it. There will be no loop holes or sunset clauses to put future generations at risk.”

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M85 PAP, the Steel-Cased Solution

"If you do not own a rifle that will reliably cycle steel-cased ammunition, you had better get your hands on one."  Those words of advice were offered by my original firearms training mentor, John Farnam, nearly ten years ago. John saw the ammo crisis of 2013 coming a...

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You Cannot “Stand with France” but, Here is What you Can Do.

At this very moment in time, United States citizens have been blessed by providence with the opportunity to make a choice. You can choose to prepare your mind and body for the eventual battle with the cult of death or you can choose to simply ignore the mountain of evidence to the contrary and sing a happy tune until the blade is put to your neck.

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Urban Defense Course; more than just Marksmanship

Think about that for a moment. When is the last time you attended a firearms training program that encouraged you to problem solve or think as opposed to simply performing as are told or reacting to a predetermined stimulus. In the real world there will be no line coach or instructor to tell you when to start or stop firing your gun.

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WDBJ Roanoke Double-Homicide and the Perfect Victim

(*CAUTION: Those with an inability to be intellectually honest or who have been infected with cognitive dissonance may not be able to handle that which is written below. You have been warned.) First and foremost, this horrific criminal act was committed by a deranged...

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Weakness is a Disease and the #1 Plague in America

When I use the term “weakness” I am discussing both the mind and body. No, I do not include those with physical disabilities and frailty brought on by disease and deformity. The weakness of which I speak is the conscious and deliberate softness, a comfortable laziness, and the complete selfishness of placing personal comfort above all else in the world.

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Being a “Gun Owner” is Not Enough

The implication of the report was that we right-wing, conservative types need to be “inclusive” and recognize that left-wing, Democrat voters are gun owners as well. My response is, as Col. Sherman Potter used to say, “Horse Hockey!”

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3 Things Your Concealed Carry Gun Cannot Do

Recently, we at Student of the Gun addressed the subject of going armed to the zoo, or anywhere else for that matter. With a very quick, easy to follow video we pointed out how a person can be very well-armed, but do so discreetly, even when wearing just a T-shirt and...

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Win a Gun with Brownell’s Edge Program

WELCOME TO SERIOUS VALUE Brownells EDGE is the latest innovation to make your shopping experience with them even easier and more convenient. Place as many orders as you want – standard shipping on all of them is covered by the $49.95 annual membership fee. With FREE...

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2016 Presidential Campaign: Searching for a Savior

Professor Paul originally published the following article on The Blaze: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” – King Solomon, Book of Ecclesiastes. We Americans find ourselves, yet again, playing a...

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Who the Hell is Hunter S. Thompson?

The evening air in Aspen, Colorado was pleasant, the temperature was perhaps 72 degrees as the sun began its slow descent below the western edge of Rocky Mountains. During the summer months, the residents of one of the world's more popular ski towns kept themselves...

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Saving Detroit?

The Crime Scene The Dodge pickup truck rolled west on Eight Mile Road, unofficially the line of demarcation separating the former East Detroit, now East Pointe, from the incorporated war zone know as Detroit, Michigan. At Gratiot Avenue we had to make a “Michigan left...

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Holster or Deathtrap?

When I was coming up as a young gun guy, "Shall Issue" concealed carry was a concept unheard of. The only folks lawfully carrying handguns who were not police officers were country folks in open-carry rigs or licensed investigators and security agents. In the 1970's...

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The Death of the Editor

"You seem to have a problem with youtubers and bloggers. Why is that?" was a question/accusation aimed at yours truly recently. To set the table, I do not have a blanket dislike for the use of YouTube or the ubiquitous Weblog for the distribution of information. The...

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Top 3 Reasons to Avoid Gun Clips

I begin this piece understanding full well that someone is going to get their feelings hurt. That being understood it has been my lot in life to be the one who tells the Emperor that he is naked. Quite often, the Emperor does not wish to be so informed and is greatly...

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